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  • 1 gb
  • 5 s-pages
  • no limits
677,- £ 135


  • 10 gb
  • 7 s-pages
  • no limits
1670,- £ 335


  • 10 gb
  • 20 s-pages
  • no limits
2970,- £ 599


Customer benefits

  • The ability to reach new customers
  • Get the offer or information anywhere in the world.
  • The ability to quickly and self-updating website content
  • Use of time for your own business, by moving the implementation of website specialists

Description of services

Internet access in Poland includes over 17 million people. Each of them can find the company on the Internet. Anyone can pass the Web address of your website. Therefore Web site is the most popular service required for the smooth functioning of the network. With this service, we will build a professional and a nice graphical website. MINI website is implemented on the basis of the wizard for creating web pages.

Within the Supermarket web services we offer the implementation of web pages based on the prepared service packages. Depending on your needs we can advise a good selection of the optimal solution.

According to our data, based on the final solution of you can successfully implement most of the web pages. Therefore, we recommend this solution as preferred and most effective.